I have to drink five pints of hot coconut water every day, with a little garlic salt, some splenda, and a splash of hot sauce, and then you basically jog until you hallucinate.

Track Title: Love Again

Artist: Pentatonix

Album: PTX, Vol. 2
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Track Title: Best Friend

Artist: Foster The People

Album: Supermodel


Foster The People “Best Friend“

I’m here, no matter where you are
So let it in with, open arms, no matter where you are
Sometimes, you’ll have to wait
And it passes by like a satellite or star
No matter where you are

Midtown intersection, NYC.

Midtown intersection, NYC.

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today i saw a scene couple in the hallway at school and the girl literally stopped kissing him so she could scratch his face and meow into his ear and he barked back i do not pay taxes for this shit